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Welcome to Children of the World (formerly Children of Africa) Preschool! We are a safe, loving, and early educational home daycare located on Slauson/Arlington in Los Angeles.

Our approach to learning is centered around how to become the best human we can to ourselves and to our fellow human neighbors. We share this huge world, and we approach it in a way that can make it a better place. It's important that we show the children that they are part of a collective global world. A world that is made up of a rich range of people with various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds and various lifestyles, experiences, and interests. We do this with play-based activities and experiences, which help children learn about life values in a holistic way. We do focus on academics, but we focus highly on social-emotional skills like kindness, processing emotions, and self-regulation that will contribute to their overall success in life. Teaching emotional intelligence is the key to our school.


We have strong emphasis on communication and collaboration with parents to support their child's growth and development both inside and outside the classroom. We are a community and will keep you updated throughout the day and week. 

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